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Edwardian Burst Opal and Pearl Pendant


Edwardian jewelry is known as white jewelry as it is often found in sterling and white gold, or lower carat gold for paleness (8-10k) with light or clear stones and crystals.

The style is airy, iridescent, ethereal and tended to move and sway with its wearer. It was a short period where jewelry became less ostentatious and more petite, delicate, and charming. To the rest of Europe, this style was called La Belle Époque.

I love Edwardian pieces, they are the epitome of femininity and delicacy, tenderness and fragility.

This antique pendant and antique chain is 10k gold. The pendant has a central genuine opal with a beautiful glow. All around the opal on delicate arms are tiny genuine seed pearls.  

Made around 1910, most likely in France. 

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