Aleppo Cleansing Bar with 40% Laurel Oil


Aleppo Soap is one of the oldest and purest cleansers in the world. It is the original natural cleanser, made of 100% olive oil and laurel oil. 

    Ingredients: Olive oil (olea europaea), laurel berry oil (laurus nobilis), lye (sodium hydroxide)

    Instructions: Use as a regular face and body wash. Can be used a shampoo. Can be ground into a powder and used as clothing detergent. Can be used as a face mask, and shaving cream. For acne prone skin: Use on the face morning, and evening. Follow cleansing with a toner, and antioxidant moisturizer. 

    Protect bar by placing on a perforated/slotted soap dish. 


    Vegan, No GMOs, No Sulfates, Cruelty Free, Certified Ethically Sourced Ingredients, Made in Canada

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