Aleppo Cleanser with 20% Laurel Oil


Aleppo Soap is one of the oldest and purest cleansers in the world. It is the original natural cleanser, made of 100% olive oil and laurel oil. 

How it is made: Olive oil and laurel oil are the fundamental ingredients to make this aged cleansing bar. Using the traditional hot process, the mixture is poured into a molding frame, cooled, and dried for five months. Laurel oil is very potent but requires multiple months of curing to become effective. All bars are hand cut and hand stamped.

What kind do I get: Our “all purpose” cleansing bar is appropriate for washing anything and everything. All bars are olive oil based. From there, formulas contain different levels of laurel oil: 10, 20, and 40%. The lower the percent, the lower the amount of laurel oil. Here is a quick reference:

  • For children and babies and those with very reactive/inflamed skin types – 10%
  • For teens and adults with sensitive skin and acne, dry skin, mild eczema, and psoriasis on the face, body, and/or scalp – start at 20% and work up to 40% after 2 months of regular use
  • For teens and adults with non-sensitive, normal skin (dry to oily) – use either 20% or 40%

Ingredients: Olive oil (olea europaea), laurel berry oil (laurus nobilis), lye (sodium hydroxide)

Instructions: Use as a regular face and body cleanser. Can be used a shampoo. Can be ground into a powder and used as clothing detergent. Can be used as a face mask, and shaving cream.

For acne prone skin: Use on the face morning, and evening. Follow cleansing with a toner, and antioxidant moisturizer. 

Protect bars by placing on a perforated/slotted soap dish.

Key Benefits: Highly potent cleanser, Dries up acne, Tightens pores, Antibacterial, Antibiotic/antifungal/anti itching agent

185g, Vegan, No GMOs, No Sulfates, Cruelty Free, Certified Ethically Sourced Ingredients, Made in Canada

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