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Our organic olive oil cleansing bars contain potent antioxidants including vitamin E and polyphenols which neutralize free radicals, preventing damage to the skin. 

Avocado: Has anti microbial properties to help fight infections in the skin, known for its protective and calming benefits. Hydrating and eczema friendly. 

Dead Sea Mud: Restores moisture and soothes dry, rough, irritated skin. Known to tighten and tone skin and shrink appearance of larger pores. Helps improve blood circulation and stimulate skin cell turnover. 

Fig: Helps manage sebum production in skin, inhibits melanin (sun damage), ant inflammatory and helps protect collagen in skin. 

Goat Milk: Gentle and rich in fatty acids that help to support a healthy skin barrier by keeping skin nourished and moisturized. High lactic acid content exfoliates skin.

Laurel: Known for its moisturizing properties and especially suitable for sensitive and sensitized skins. 

Lavender: Calming for skin, good for sensitive and sensitized skins that are irritated easily. 

Lemon: Brightening and repairing for the skin. It is best known helping target discoloration in skin. 

Mint: Antibacterial, known for deep cleansing and helping heal injuries to skin including bug bites and  cuts. 

Olive Oil: The staple for all uses - handwashing and more. Hydrating and protective, rich in antioxidants to soothe skin. 

Saffron: Brightening and anti aging; the world’s most expensive spice is known for its profound healing properties. 

Bar: 3.5 ounces 

IngredientsVirgin Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Olivate

Not tested on animals. 

Organic, certified by: