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Vintage Berber Carnelian Pendant


This beautiful Berber Tuareg (Moroccan) pendant showcases a large carnelian stone, framed in a sterling silver frame. Originally the pendant was part of a larger Berber necklace but at some point it was updated with black glass beads.

Carnelian has been viewed with special properties for thousands of years and is believed to protect the wearer. For ancient Egyptians, they believed the stone protected the wearer and helped bring them to the afterworld safely. 

Tuaregs are a Berber ethnic group. Their jewelry often centers of protection based amulets and talismans so it is common to see the usage of carnelian in their traditional pieces. 

The black beads are vintage, 30+ years old while the pendant itself is closer to the early 1900s. 

Measures 19 inches plus the pendant length.



Only 1 piece in stock!

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