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Tabriz Taqiyah Toddler Embroidered Hat, Circa 1883


Earlier this season, we acquired a rare treasure. A female missionary was based in Tabriz, Persia and sent her family a gift to showcase the beauty of this new world she was immersed in. In this gift box which we acquired intact, she drafted a letter to her sister from Tabriz on May 30, 1883. While most of the letter is hard to decipher as the paper is very fragile, what we do know is that she bought gifts from the local artisans for her sister’s children. 

One such gift is this pristine small child’s taqiyah, a head cap. This was made for a very young child and appears in nearly pristine condition. The hand embroidered border shows a deep level of detail and is luxuriously vibrant. Shimmers of gold threads which are crisp as the day they were embroidered by hand truly are exceptional.

The front of this taqiyah features a large mother of pearl ornament.  

This is a true treasure as it appears to have been untouched in this gift box from 1883. 

In the 1880s, Tabriz was a bustling, vibrant city full of diverse cultures and ethnic groups all coming together in this Silk Road epicenter. Surrounding Tabriz, the communities were mostly agrarian. While we do not know where she exactly purchased this or maybe this was even gifted to her a thank you, we do know she did her missionary work and met with people who were sick and dying in and around Tabriz.

I personally believe this was gifted to her as it shows minimal signs of wear. There may have been another ornament in the top of the cap as there appears to be very small thread strands. I believe this was gifted a token of thanks or appreciation. 

These gifts were picked with deep love and excitement as she was eager share this culture with her loved ones. 

While this can be displayed in your home, the condition is also stable and so well preserved that it can easily by worn by a child for special events. It becomes all the more stunning the more you behold the attention to detail. 

Just under an 17 inch circumference. 

Deep blue, silk threading, gold metal threads. 

Some quilting. All hand embroidered. Chin strap is also intact to help keep secure on a small child. 


Only 1 piece in stock!

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