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Ottoman Empire Nestorian Brass Incense Burner



This little guy is a special one šŸ„°

Made during the Ottoman Empire, this brass handcrafted incense burner was made in the Persian territory and was gathered from a collector of Nestorian goods in the 19thC. This was made in the mid 1800s.

I acquired this item as part of a bundle of gifts collected by a missionary who traveled throughout the Ottoman territories. She stayed extensively in Nestorian communities and collected many items which I am starting to go over and research. Her collection dates to a letter she drafted from 1893.

This brass incense burner is functional for use or display. Use with incense or add a small candle or even a small LED light. The design itself has lion like claw feet. Simple beading, lines and etching along with a cross-shaped ventilation design which circles the top. A Christian cross tops the holder.

Nestorians were a persecuted Christian group under the Roman Empire but in the Ottoman Persian territory, they were left in relative peace and the community thrived. Nestorianism originated under Nestorius who was an Archbishop in Constantinople (Istanbul) circa 428AD/CE.

Material: BrassĀ 

Circa: early to mid 1800s

Measures: 7.5 inches tall; at its widest it measures approx 6 inchesĀ 

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