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French Enamel Souvenir Book Pendant


The city of love. Who doesn’t love Paris or dream of going to Paris? This charming pendant heralds from Paris itself circa the 1920s. A fabulous era, post war, the city was the center of art and fashion. With unforgettable Parisian-based performers like Josephine Baker and the Moulin Rouge reopened. 

The city where art and passions exploded and history and fashion are intertwined, the city had its share of tourists all daring to glimpse the wild night life but also spend time with their love. This charm would be a token of love, of remembrance of their special occasion. 

Handcrafted in brass, the cover of this book is a beautiful eye catching royal blue. The blue enamel is set off by 4 corners of small fleur de lis ornaments. The book itself has a small clasp and inside the treasures of popular landmarks of its era.

Each page is thick and very well intact with a tiny but of ear marking on the Eiffel Tower, the last page. Held securely closed, it is a treasure of memories to someone you love, to someone who has a special place for Paris in their heart. 

Can easily be added to an existing necklace. Avoid water. 

Measures 3/4 inch in length, 1/2 inch wide 


Only 1 piece in stock!

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