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Victorian Repousse Lover’s Knot Brooch


Sterling silver hallmark; most likely of UK origin, this charming little brooch is a floral Repousse design, meaning the design is hammered into the metal from the underside by the artisan. 

The design itself is called the Lover’s Knot. The unbreakable bond between two (in this design, one is plain sterling and the other is floral - the masculine and feminine intertwined). 

A classic design, the Lover’s Knot goes back to antiquity in Celtic design.

How to wear a brooch? There is the standard way, to pin onto your clothing but a more fun way is to add this onto a chain and wear as a pendant, or cut some beautiful velvet ribbon and wear as a bracelet cuff or a choker and pin the brooch onto that. In other words, play with it!  

Materials: hallmarked sterling silver 

Measures: approx 1 inch diameter 

Only 1 piece in stock!

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