Happy 2021! I am so happy we all made it here intact and hopefully in one piece and still somewhat sane. I took a large part of late 2020 to disengage from social media - business wise - to let other voices be heard. I felt and still feel that there  is a lot we (the collective American we) need to hear, process, and learn and my voice looking to sell non essential goodies was not a voice I wanted out there wasting space and energy. 

The break also allowed me to re-center and re-focus on my own business goals and some changes are at hand in my work and in my personal life. I am working to bring these two worlds together more and offer deeper value and service to those who come with us on a journey. 

I thought about starting this blog two years ago. I don't know why I didn't but, it is starting now and will be a regular thing. It won't be a blog to push products... that just isn't what this is about. We are looking to share knowledge, promote causes and introduce you to people who may inspire you. I am a history nerd too so, be prepared for a dash of that along the way to and maybe some recommendations for what I am reading and listening to. 

Thanks so much for being here. Stay warm and healthy, 


Photo: Taken by me of my fussy fiddle leaf fig. This shows off two new baby leaves she sprouted...and yes, I became plant obsessed during this covid lockdown. 


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