Wild Lather

Smoky Citrus Soap

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Organic Bergamot, organic Sweet Orange, peppery Petitgrain, and smoky Vetiver combine to create this sharp and juicy citrus scent. 

Smells like burnt orange, grapefruit pulp, timothée chalamet (just kidding). Or are we?

This essential oil blend may promote aphrodisiac qualities and elevate your mood. 

Kaolin clay is a deeply cleansing and gently exfoliating mineral. 

Pink kaolin clay is a gently cleansing clay that promotes cell renewal, reduces inflammation, and improves skin elasticity.

Ingredients are below. Saponified oils:  

  • coconut oil, certified organic + unrefined + fair trade
  • olive oil, certified organic + unrefined
  • shea butter, certified organic + unrefined
  • camellia oil, certified organic + unrefined
  • castor oil, certified organic
  • kaolin clay
  • pink kaolin clay

vegan | palm-free | cruelty-free, 3.0+ oz / 85+ g

About the maker: Based in New England, the couple who own Wild Lather makes small batch, vegan soap bars made with totally natural ingredients, never synthetic. 


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