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Swiluva Tote Bag

Swiluva Tote Bag

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The Swiluva tote bags get their name from their floral pattern. These tote bags have a pattern with pink, blue, and purple flowers. "Swiluva" means "flowers" in Changana, the local language of our women in Mozambique. They are handmade from traditional capulana wax-print cotton fabric with a muslin lining. 


- Measurements: approximately 15" x 15"

- Color: purple, pink, and blue floral pattern

*Please note that all pieces are handcrafted with love! This means that there may be slight differences in color and design, which makes each item one-of-a-kind!

 The cause this purchase supports: A clean water program, nutritional counseling and support for HIV positive mothers, development of community gardens, a sewing collective allowing women to earn a living, courses to women on managing finances, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and other job skills training, and funds a girls school with over 100 young girls attending who get free uniforms, transportation, books, and supplies. The school hopes to double enrollment. All taking place in Mozambique.