Sora Designs

Framed Half Moon Necklace


Geometric jewelry is always on trend. The delicate faceted tiny ball chain thread through the larger open square and the marbled half circle stone with interesting gray shade.

Handmade item. Made in the USA. Material: nickel free brass. 20” L chain. 

About the maker: Growing up in Taiwan, Yueh-Wen Chang was taught that studying hard, good grades and a solid university education were the name of the game. Despite being a good student in more traditional disciplines, “I was very good at making things since I was 6 or 7, and art classes were my favorites in school,” she said. While at college, Wen joined the Fine Arts Club, where she ended up spending more time learning woodcut, linocut, etching and screen print than on her Psychology education. “I don’t have any formal training in design, but these experiences definitely have some underlying influences in my creation,” she said. 

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