Nablus Soap Co

Lemon & Olive Oil Bar Soap


Lemon, a natural source of vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen for a youthful skin. It also exhibits bleaching properties that lightens and illuminates the skin from within helping to lessen signs of sun damage, discoloration, and freckles. As an astringent, lemon helps tighten pores, remove excessive oils and treat acne naturally. 

Create a refreshing bath with our soap also by working up a rich lather and adding the foam into the bath water. It will rejuvenate and refresh. Our lemon soap is rich in flavonoids, which protect your skin from infections and reduce body odor due to bacteria. The natural acids in our lemon soap scrub off dead cells, cure acne, rashes and bruises, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin. Good for all skin types and the whole body!

Bar: 3.5 ounces 

IngredientsVirgin Organic Olive Oil, organic lemon extractSodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Sodium Olivate

Not tested on animals. 

Organic, certified by:

Why we love it: Fosters small family-owned businesses in under-developed conflict zones.

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