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We love the calm feeling that washes over us when looking at a natural landscape... so we decided to create a candle that radiates both light and serenity. Each Coastline, Meadow and Mountain design is paired with a special fragrance to call to mind a peaceful landscape we know your customers will love.

Coastline -  Clean and aromatic, gentle notes of salty seagrass and ocean water mingle with a hint of sweet coastal air… a blend that will transport you to a faraway shore with calming lapping waves.

Meadow -   A blend of beautiful grassy scents with a sweet top note. Fresh and clean. A perfect reminder of a warm day walking through a meadow.

Mountainside -   Wonderfully fresh and seasonally-inspired, this woodland blend of balsam fir, cedarwood and juniper berry radiates the feeling of joy that comes with the holidays. 

Each Naturescape Candle is 6 oz and burns approximately 35 hours. Soy and coconut blend, easily recycled when finished.

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