Karacotta Ceramics

Ocean Ceramic Abalone Dish with 22K Gold


Our ceramic Abalone Dish is the perfect piece to add to any home decor. Traditionally, the Abalone shell represents the water element. Inspired by sea, we finish the porcelain clay in a custom blend of four ocean glazes. This gorgeous piece is a beautiful jewelry dish, or coffee table accent.

Handmade from porcelain clay and 22K gold, each shell is unique, but most measure about 5" in length, by 3.5" wide and a depth of about an inch.

About the maker: Kara Pendl is the designer, artist and creative director behind Karacotta Ceramics, based in Austin, TX. Kara is a {mostly} self taught potter, with early instruction from a high school art class, a hobby exploration, and a lifetime of creative curiosity. 

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