Karacotta Ceramics

Abalone Shell Jewelry Dish with 22k Gold


Our ceramic abalone jewelry dish is the delicately styled after the shell and inspired by the sea. Traditionally, the abalone shell represents the water element. This gorgeous piece could be a beautiful jewelry dish, smudge holder, or placed truly anywhere.

This jewelry dish is a deeply beautiful piece that has a minimal, organic design, with a color wash intended to mimic the changing desert sunset. Handmade by hand, from porcelain clay.

Each piece is dipped in several pink, purple, and orange glazes. After the glaze firing, a 22K gold luster is applied to the rim for a third firing. 

Measures about 5" in length, by 3.5" wide and a height of about an inch.

About the maker: Kara Pendl is the designer, artist and creative director behind Karacotta Ceramics, based in Austin, TX. 

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