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Edwardian Crystal and Sterling Earrings


Edwardian jewelry is known as white jewelry as it is often found in sterling and white gold, or low carat gold for its paleness (8-10k) with light or clear stones and crystals.

The style is airy, ethereal and tended to move and sway with its wearer. It was a short period where jewelry became less ostentatious and more petite, delicate, and charming. To the rest of Europe, this style was called La Belle Époque.

I love Edwardian pieces, they are the epitome of femininity and delicacy, tenderness and fragility.

These antique Edwardian beauties are sterling silver and each earring has two rock crystals. They have pieces that sway as you do, ever so delicate and feminine. Perfect for any occasion or even your wedding. 

Made in about 1905; most likely made in England. 

Hook and loop closure. 


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