Cinnamon & Coffee Aleppo Body Bar


Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil - This essential oil helps stimulate circulation and can help fight skin infections, like acne, with its antibacterial properties.

Coffee Grounds - By stimulating blood flow and its natural astringent qualities, organic coffee grounds brighten and smooth the texture of skin while also reducing puffiness. Packed with antioxidants, coffee grounds work against the signs of aging. 

Ground Cinnamon - Added to our product as an exfoliant, ground cinnamon is known to enhance circulation. It helps bring blood to the skin’s surface for a glowing complexion. With strong anti-inflammatory properties, it helps fight infections which makes this ingredient a good choice for acne prone skin.


For your handmade bar of soap to last a long time, keep it dry between uses by using a draining soap dish. 


Olive Oil, Fair Trade Palm Oil, Coconut oil, Canola Oil, Essential cinnamon leaf oil, organic coffee grounds, organic ground cinnamon 

Only 4 pieces in stock!

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