Prosperity Candle

Classical Japanese Candle Collection


We are in love with our classically stylized Japanese blue and white candles. Blue and white porcelain, which these are modeled after, have been adored for centuries and customarily used in tea ceremonies. Each pattern has its own distinct scent to compliment the art design. 

Waves -  Sea Salt + Musk scent with crisp and oceanic salt infused with light notes of musk.

Grass -   Green Tea scent with classic green tea, a bit of zest and an herbal twist to bring depth.

Petals -   Floral + Suede scent with light floral scents mingled with soft notes of suede.

Blossoms -  Blossom + Musk scent with orange blossom and tuberose infused with notes of coconut and musk.

Ornament -  Amber + Freesia scent with exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli.

Each Blue + White Candle is 6 oz and burns approximately 35 hours. Soy and coconut blend. 

Only 1 piece in stock!

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