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Antique Sasanian Persian Silver and Carnelian Pendant


Hand carved carnelian, this relief shows a Persian warrior with a lion in the traditional Sasanian style. 

The carnelian gem is framed by a heavy sterling silver niello frame with brass highlights. Delicately, hand etched scrolls frame the entire pendant and the back of the pendant is also hand etched. 

Carnelian was believed to protect the wearers from illness and death. Its bright red color symbolizes vitality, fertility and happiness. 

The pendant is from the early 1800s, from Iran. Museum grade and spectacularly special.

The chain is new and you can easily change it for a different style of your choice. 

Pendant measures 3” in length; 2” in width. Sterling silver niello with brass accents; carnelian. 

Comes with a brass and copper chain, measuring 20”.


Only 1 piece in stock!

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